Vernal Equinox Enchantment Box


This spring themed enchantment box was thoughtfully made to help support your transition from the quiet dark of winter to the bright energy of spring. The spring equinox is a time of equal light and darkness, and is followed warming and lengthening days as we move towards summer solstice. This is a time of renewal, awakening, rejoicing, rebirth, growth, fertility and new life! A time of celebration! We hope this offering will help you honour this magical season.

Included in the box:

🤍Catkin bundle

🌼Calendula Lotion Bar

💄Balsam Poplar and Cacao Butter Lip Gloss

🥚Ukrainian Kitska and Beeswax Puck

💜 Purple Cabbage Powder

🍊Candied Orange and Grapefruit Zest

🌷Floral Spring Note Card

🫐Violet Saskatoon Herbal Syrup

🫖Spring Blooms Tisane

🌱Weeds and Seeds Sprinkle

🌾Wheatgrass Seeds


These boxes will be available for pickup this Saturday, March 26 or a specific time can be arranged after that date. We will be in touch once your order is placed.

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