What do you wash your face with? October 24 2014

It took me a really long time to start taking good care of my skin. One of the main reasons was that I hadn't found a good line of skincare that I felt was safe enough for my face. So many products, even ones claiming to be natural, are full of dangerous synthetics, parabens, sls, yucky perfumes (oh, the smells!), etc etc. When I finally found Pure Anada, I was so impressed, and so relieved. The ingredients are so safe, the scents are all natural and amazing, the products are effective and luxurious to use. I was instantly hooked. I've been using them on my skin for at least 5 years now. I have tried almost all of them, and there are truly none that I wouldn't recommend. They have products for every type of skin, from oily, to dry, acne-prone to aging.

I decided that it would make things easier for people if they could just click and purchase a whole system, from cleanser to moisturizer. So we came up with the following Pure Anada Skincare Systems at great prices. You save 10% off the regular price of the products.

Mature/Dehydrated Skincare

Sensitive Skincare

Anti-Aging Skincare

You can also pick and choose from any of our skincare products to create your own personal skincare system.

I have my routine down now, and I want to share it with you. It's easy, works wonderfully, keeps my skin glowing (even on mornings that I've been up 6 times in the night tending to various tiny boys), and it's reasonably priced to boot. 

In the morning, I start with Citrus Refreshing Cleanser to wake me up, followed by Marine Mineral Toner, Awake Eye Gel and Revive Serum. My mineral makeup goes on beautifully once my skin has absorbed the serum. 

In the evening before bed, I wash away my makeup with a warm cloth and a pump of Lavender and Chamomile Calming Cleanser an aromatherapeutic nighttime ritual, then I spray a mist of Garden Facial Mist and a small amount of Berry and Bouquet Hydra Cream which gives my skin a little extra moisture at night. These two routines take about 5 minutes a day each and they will change your skin for the better. Plus, Pure Anada's skincare products are super concentrated and last a long time.

What are you waiting for? Order your complete skincare system now, your skin will thank you!